• Fiona Lord

Vintage pin up girl & pink bubble gum!

It all starts with an idea....

I meet so many lovely people at events or comic cons, and when we chat about all the different styles I photograph, it's not long before the question is asked, "How would you like to be photographed?"

On this occasion, this fan chic knew exactly what she wanted. A 1950's style pin up portrait, that was edited to the style of the old posters and not left as a photograph. It had to be colourful, cute & fun. She even had an example....

Perfect! Let's do that! And so the journey begins.....

To get the smooth finish we used natural light at my home studio. We set up a light booth to capture the main image, then added the style and graphics in post production. The challenge though....was the bubble!!!

To blow a bubble, you have to puff out your cheeks.

To get the cute 1950's look its the exact opposite, accentuate the cheekbones.

Hmmmmm..... a bubble gum dilemma indeed!

Victory roll & make up win!!

To the rescue was a pink water balloon!! It was absolutely spot on! Bubble gum magic! With all the elements in place and the base photograph taken it was time for the final transformation...

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this portrait! The results were exactly what we wanted to achieve!

So how about you? What's your favourite decade & why?? Leave your answers in the comments. (Mine has to be the 70's, flared jeans & platforms - yaaaaaas!!)



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