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Origin Story - Neo

Updated: May 24, 2019

Do you remember your work experience week at school? I do, I was 15, it was the year 2000 & I spent a fews days in a new photography studio in Cheltenham. The owner was a lovely lady who had just opened the studio after winning 'business plan of the year' with The Princes Trust and was also pregnant! Go girl!

I loved the week... meeting & greeting, taking calls, selling photos & presenting collections. It was so inspiring and it confirmed for me that having my own studio one day was a must!

After the week, I was hired to work on Saturdays which continued to fuel my dream. I was even allowed to use the studio one afternoon to practice taking photos...

Soooooo, this is me, at 15! Just realising that I totally LOVE photography! Obviously I didn't take this one of myself, but I did take the one of my best friend (below).

Living the dream! ;)

I was reminded recently about a customer I served one Saturday afternoon. We used to have all the proofs printed out to show the customer their images. From there they would choose which ones were their favourite and what sizes they wanted them printed, etc.

This particular set of proofs were a little different though... the man in the photos was dressed as Neo from The Matrix movie. I don't know about you but that movie is still my favourite (love you Keanu!) and the fact someone had booked a portrait session to have pro photos in a costume, I thought was ace!

My 15yr old self thought... what a great idea for a business... People dress up as their favourite character and have a portrait taken to mimic the movie scene! Yaaaaaaaaaas!!!

And so, my passion for this idea was born and I began to source as much information as possible! I even attempted my own Matrix photoshoot...

(Good lord! Told you it was my favourite!)

20 years later, I still work occasionally for the lady who owned the studio. I asked her if she still had an archived photo of the man who was dressed as Neo & who inspired me to start all of this. She said she didn't, but even if she had, finding him and getting him to sign a model release form would have been nearly impossible after all this time.

Unless of course, Neo returned.......

What was your work experience at school? What was your dream or passion, did you chase it? Leave your comments below, I'd love to hear about how you made your dreams a reality!


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